The Graphic History Collective (GHC) is a volunteer-run non-profit arts collective. Though we receive some funding to produce our projects, many of the artists and writers with whom we work generously donate their time and labour. We often make our projects available for free for personal and educational and use; however, we believe that artists and writers should be adequately compensated for their work and share in profits from their work. GHC members are unionized with the Canadian Freelance Union (CFU). The CFU is a community chapter of Unifor and is made up of freelance workers in the media and information sector. We also follow the guidelines and fee schedules established by the Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC).

GHC members believe education is an important tool, and we work to make our projects available to the public in a variety of settings. We've put together some guidelines to provide an overview of fees for exhibiting and publishing GHC projects based on the 2017 CARFAC Minimum Fee Schedule. They are intended to help us work with groups and organizations to share our work and ensure artists and writers are compensated. Nevertheless, we understand that groups and organizations vary in terms of goals, needs, and access to resources. We are open to discussing how we can share our work in ways that work for all involved.

To contact us about exhibiting or publishing GHC projects, please fill out this form.