SORWUC Comic Book Teaser

May 7, 2014DTC News, GHP News

Here is a special teaser from an upcoming comic book on the history of SORWUC, a socialist-feminist labour union in Canada by the Graphic History Collective and the extremely talented Ethan Heitner. Ethan Heitner is a cartoonist and member of the editorial collective of World War 3 Illustrated, the radical comics magazine ( More of … Read More

Bill Williamson (Part 1) by Kara Sievewright

April 4, 2014GHP News

We’re excited to announce that Part 1 of Kara Sievewright‘s new comic, Bill Williamson: Hobo, Wobbly, Communist, On to Ottawa Trekker, Spanish Civil War Veteran, Photographer, is now available online. Extensively researched by Kara, the story grows out of two letters Williamson wrote in the 1980s and two interviews with him recorded by the London … Read More

New Comic: Stick and Stay, They’re Bound to Pay

March 2, 2014GHP News

Stick and Stay, They’re Bound to Pay: The Flint Strike in Comics by Ethan Heitner, Edited by Paul Buhle The storied Sit-Down Strike in Flint, Michigan has a special significance for today. Led in large part by left-wingers—Communist, Socialist, and Trotskyist alike—it was, more important, the most dramatic part of a movement that swept across … Read More

New Comic: The Battle of Ballantyne Pier

February 5, 2014GHP News

We are very excited to release the fourth comic from the Graphic History Project, The Battle of Ballantyne Pier: An Injury to One is an Injury to All! Written and illustrated by the multi-talented David Lester, the comic examines the history of longshore work and the violent events that unfolded in 1935 on the waterfront … Read More

New Comic Book #3- Suzanne Voilquin A Socialist Feminist

December 5, 2013GHP News

The newest offering from the Graphic History Project is the graphic biography of Suzanne Voilquin, a French utopian socialist feminist who, even while facing challenges in her own life, continuously pushed boundaries. Although her political and intellectual engagement had multiple points of interest, one of her main goals was to “prove that women could succeed.” … Read More

Get involved with the Graphic History Project

September 4, 2012GHP News

Download information as a PDF here: GHP Callout Fall 2012 Illustrate! Educate! Organize! Get involved with the Graphic History Project Paul Buhle and the Graphic History Collective are calling for activists, artists, academics, and designers to participate in the Graphic History Project, a project about graphic activism. Our intention is to produce new politically relevant graphic histories … Read More