Interview with GHC members in Rank and File

September 22, 2015GHC News, Media, News

The Graphic History Collective was interviewed by Daniel Tseghay, in about how we recently unionized. He’s right, one day we should draw a comic about how we unionized. Read it here: While the CFU is open to a variety of independent media workers, the GHC’s attention to labour history is particularly welcomed. “I think it’s important that any … Read More

Keynote presentation at History Foothills Colloquium

May 31, 2015GHC News, Media

  The Graphic History Collective was invited to give a keynote presentation at Mount Royal University, for the Mount Royal Historical Society’s Foothills Colloquium. Robin Folvik (labour researcher) and Sam Bradd (artist/graphic recorder), travelled to Calgary and presented a selection of the comics, which you’ll be able to read in full in our book next year. … Read More

Praise for May Day comic

April 27, 2012May Day Comic, May Day News, Media

These people said nice things about us. We’d be too shy to talk to them at a party, so a big ‘thanks’ for us over here at the Graphic History Collective. “May Day is a grand experiment in reviving the traditional holiday of working people, with lively comic art adding a new dimension to themes that … Read More

May Day on

April 26, 2012May Day News, Media

On today: “An announcement of spring, dancing around a pole, crowning a queen, fertility rituals, assorted festivities — joyful community celebrations of the month of May can be traced back through the ages. May Day or International Workers’ Day — another way of observing the first day of May throughout the world — is … Read More