May Day – and Open Door Toronto

May 1, 2012May Day News

May Day! See you in the streets. Preview of May Day: A Graphic History of Protest is featured on Open Door Toronto today. Stay tuned for a longer interview published with them on May 10th.

Praise for May Day comic

April 27, 2012May Day Comic, May Day News, Media

These people said nice things about us. We’d be too shy to talk to them at a party, so a big ‘thanks’ for us over here at the Graphic History Collective. “May Day is a grand experiment in reviving the traditional holiday of working people, with lively comic art adding a new dimension to themes that … Read More

Published with Between the Lines May 1st 2012

April 27, 2012May Day Comic, May Day News

The Graphic History Collective is thrilled that May Day: a graphic history of protest is being published on May 1st 2012 by Between the Lines Press. We are trying to spread the word through our networks and the labour movement. Bulk orders over 50 before May 30th receive 40% off. We have had many union locals purchasing pre-orders … Read More

May Day on

April 26, 2012May Day News, Media

On today: “An announcement of spring, dancing around a pole, crowning a queen, fertility rituals, assorted festivities — joyful community celebrations of the month of May can be traced back through the ages. May Day or International Workers’ Day — another way of observing the first day of May throughout the world — is … Read More