The siege of Ts’Peten (Gustafsen Lake) occurred in the south-central interior of “British Columbia” in the summer of 1995, after a white American ranger began harassing an Elder and his family at ta Secwepemc Sundance camp. Warriors responded to the Elder’s call for help, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) began a large paramilitary operation to clear out the defenders, deploying some 450 officers, mostly heavily armed Emergency Response Teams. They also received assistance from the Canadian military. On September 11, the RCMP carried out an ambush on the defenders that resulted in a massive explosion and firefight, during which they fired tens of thousands of rounds. During a year long trial it was revealed that the RCMP had carried out a “smear and disinformation” campaign to discredit the defenders and justify the use of lethal force. The defenders asserted that neither the government nor the police forces have jurisdiction on unceded, sovereign Indigenous territories.

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