A special thanks to alternative media for the support.

March 12: Active History, “Comics as Active History: The Graphic History Collective”

February 19: Open Book Toronto, “The Luck Seven Interview with the Graphic History Collective”



October 31st: Rabble.ca book review: “Dreaming What Might Be examines contentious history in early labour organizations: http://rabble.ca/books/reviews/2013/10/dreaming-what-might-be-examines-contentious-history-early-labour-organizations2012

May 10th: Open Book Toronto ‘Dirty Dozen’ interview http://www.openbooktoronto.com/news/dirty_dozen_with_graphic_history_collective

May 5th, 2012: Red Eye radio interview http://rabble.ca/podcasts/shows/redeye/2012/05/mayday-graphic-history-protest

May Day: Promotion from the BC Federation of Labour:

May Day: Labour Start promotion – email to 100,000 people and link to purchase through an online unionized bookseller

May Day: Open Book Toronto: http://www.openbooktoronto.com/galleries/may_day

April 26, 2012 Rabble.ca “May Day graphic novel retells old stories of struggle”


Working Class Studies Association newsletter. The Working-Class Studies Association aims to develop and promote multiple forms of scholarship, teaching, and activism related to working-class life and cultures.


May 1st, 2009: community launch at Rhizome Cafe, Vancouver/Coast Salish Territories

The History Department and Labour Studies Department of SFU provided foundational support for this project.