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The Graphic History Collective is a volunteer, activist arts collective. Different groups have generously supported our work (thanks to SSHRC, Canadian Committee on Labour History, CUPE, BCGEU, Canada Council for the Arts, Trent University Faculty Association, and the Symons Trust Fund!), but we do not have regular funding. As we grow and take on new projects, the costs of our work are increasing.

People often ask us how they can support our work, so we set up an account to accept donations. All contributions (one time or monthly) are greatly appreciated and will support the GHC’s ongoing efforts to produce activist art to change the world.

Donations will be used to offset the costs of web hosting, paying artists and writers fairly for their work, and designing and printing our work.

Ways to support the GHC:

  1. E-transfer:

  2. Paypal:

In love and solidarity,
The Graphic History Collective