May Day Comic

May Day Comic

May Day: A Graphic History of Protest
Writers: Robin Folvik, Sean Carleton, and Mark Leier
Illustrators: Sam Bradd and Trevor McKilligan
Published by Between the Lines, 2012
Available to order online

May Day: A Graphic History of Protest traces the development of International Workers’ Day, May 1st, against the ever-changing economic and political backdrop in Canada. Recognizing the importance of work and the historical struggles of workers to improve their lives, with a particular focus on the struggles of May 1st, the comic includes the reader as part of this history, and the story concludes that “We are all part of this historical struggle; it’s our history and our future.”

On May 1st, 2012 our comic May Day: A Graphic History of Protest is being published by Between the Lines press.

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Praise for May Day

"May Day is a grand experiment in reviving the traditional holiday of working people, with lively comic art adding a new dimension to themes that need badly to be seen and understood by younger generations."
Paul Buhle, author of A People's History of American Empire

"May Day is history with a twist: entertaining, insightful, informative, and seen through a critical lens."
Florencia Berinstein, director, Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts

"A lively, clenched-fist people's history that leaps off the page with a feisty spirit and brilliant artwork."
Craig Heron and Steve Penfold, authors of The Workers' Festival: A History of Labour Day in Canada

"This fascinating work provides an original, accessible window into the history of International Workers' Day and the wider story of grassroots struggle for working-class power."
Benjamin Isitt, author of Militant Minority: British Columbia Workers and the Rise of a New Left

"What's impressive about this graphic book is its clarity and its attention to labour history and May Day on both sides of the Canada/US border."
Linda Kealey, author of Enlisting Women for the Cause: Women, Labour and the Left in Canada, 1890-1920

"This eminently enjoyable graphic book emphasizes working men's and working women's struggle as central to the May Day experience."
Greg Kealey, author and founding editor of Labour/Le Travail

"May Day turns labour history into a wonderful visual experience, accessible to a wide audience; it's a worthy heir to the grand graphic tradition pioneered by the Industrial Workers of the World over a century ago."
Andrew Parnaby, associate professor, history, Cape Breton University