Project #7 from the Graphic History Collective is A Brief, Accurate, Graphic History of Environmental Activism, Steph Hill’s attempt to fit a broad swath of history into a short little book.

A Brief, Accurate Graphic History of the Environmental Movement (Mostly in Canada)

By Steph Hill

From Steph:

The idea was to relate the fundamental ideas and some events in environmental history in a way that is conversational, and–with any luck–memorable. It’s a project easier said than done, but maybe I made a little headway. Environmental activism has come a long way since the early days, and the context it works in–governments, business communities, the public–has changed considerably, in good ways and bad. As always, I ended up with more questions than answers about the directions things are heading in


Steph Hill studied politics at Princeton University and comics at Camosun College. These days you can find her in Vancouver working in publishing, eating spicy noodles, and reading anything that gets too close. You can find her online at or on Twitter as @Hill_S_A.

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Learn more about author and artist Steph Hill! Visit her webpage or follow her on twitter: @Hill_S_A