We’re excited to announce that Part 1 of Kara Sievewright‘s new comic, Bill Williamson: Hobo, Wobbly, Communist, On to Ottawa Trekker, Spanish Civil War Veteran, Photographer, is now available online. Extensively researched by Kara, the story grows out of two letters Williamson wrote in the 1980s and two interviews with him recorded by the London Imperial War Museum in London, UK in 1990.

Kara’s comic is Project #6 from the Graphic History Project and the third (of four) that focuses primarily on events in the 1930s.



We’re huge fans of Kara Sievewright. You will be too! You can view more of her artwork at Makers of Nets, or follow her on twitter or tumblr.

In addition to her writing and drawing skills, Kara is also skilled at webpage design and is working with us to update our website. Two thumbs up!