Ballantyne PierWe are very excited to release the fourth comic from the Graphic History Project, The Battle of Ballantyne Pier: An Injury to One is an Injury to All!

Written and illustrated by the multi-talented David Lester, the comic examines the history of longshore work and the violent events that unfolded in 1935 on the waterfront of Vancouver, British Columbia.

More than just a passing interest for Lester, there is a family connection to this piece of history. His grandfather was a longshoreman in Vancouver for most of his life, and was there the day that saw “blood-spattered rocks litter[ing] the streets in which the fighting took place…Bandaged and blood-dripping heads were a common sight, both among police and civilians” (as described by Torchy Anderson, Labour Reporter for the Province Newspaper).

You can read the full comic here