The following is a short preview, the full comic is published in the book, Drawn to Change: Graphic Histories of Working-Class Struggle, an anthology of Canadian labour history comics edited by the Graphic History Collective and historian Paul Buhle and published by Between the Lines Press in 2016.

Coal Mountain

by Nicole Marie Burton


Nicole Marie Burton is a comics writer, illustrator, and promoter based in Toronto. She is the founder of Ad Astra Comix, a political comics publisher, and regularly provides workshops about using comics for social change. Coal Mountain is her first full-length comic.

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  • Hi Nicole
    My name is Glen Hutton. My grandparents bought some land in Corbin in 1956 (when I was 4 years old). That land has stayed in our family ever since and my wife and I are building a new cabin on the same property.

    I am very interested in the history of Corbin and have compiled information, photographs, and newspaper accounts from a variety of sources – including your early versions of this comic which were on line. I am an author and recognize the importance of copyright.

    I would like to share my work with the local libraries / museums in the Elk Valley and Crowsnest Pass. I would like to include your comic or at least make reference to it so that others may enjoy it.

    I do not intend to sell or make any money off my research – I am doing it because of my connection to this area of British Columbia.

    I would like your permission to use some or part of your work in my compilation. I have included a link to what I have put together to this point in time. It is not complete and I have not included all of the references/citations/permissions as I am waiting for them to arrive. It is not edited so please excuse typos, spelling, and grammatical errors.

    Here is the link:

    Thank you for your time.

    Glen Hutton

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