RFlogoThe Graphic History Collective was interviewed by Daniel Tseghay, in RankandFile.ca about how we recently unionized. He’s right, one day we should draw a comic about how we unionized.

Read it here: http://rankandfile.ca/2015/09/22/illustrating-the-freelancers-organizing-model/

While the CFU is open to a variety of independent media workers, the GHC’s attention to labour history is particularly welcomed. “I think it’s important that any union member and people in the labour movement look at the stuff the GHC produces and not just for knowing the history but being able to think about what we need to do today”, said Derrick O’Keefe, CFU member-organizer for Vancouver. “If you hang around the labour movement today, it’s definitely missing that radical energy it once had, so I think GHC is a brilliant addition.”