We are proud to announce that GHC members have joined the Canadian Freelance Union, a new union for freelance media and creative workers like us.

The Canadian Freelance Union is a Community Chapter of Unifor (Union of Canada), the largest private sector labour union in Canada. Unifor’s Community Chapters are a new way for workers to secure the benefits of a union, even if they don’t have a traditional employment relationship – as is the case for many freelance, contract, and creative workers.

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Though the GHC is a volunteer-run collective, we joined the Canadian Freelance Union to access health benefits and to work collectively with our colleagues to challenge the status quo about “creative labour” and to improve our quality of life and power in society.

Unifor 2We hope that our fellow comics workers (illustrators, writers, editors, and designers, etc) and other freelance colleagues (journalists, photographers, film-makers, media workers, etc.) will consider joining the Canadian Freelance Union too. We are stronger together!

If you have any questions about joining the union you can check out the Unifor website. You can also contact Sam or Canadian Freelance Union Member-Organizer Derrick O’Keefe.

In love and solidarity,

The Graphic History Collective