Introducing….Remember I Resist I Redraw

Remember | Resist | Redraw

Introduction by the Graphic History Collective
Poster illustrated by Kara Sievewright

Remember | Resist | Redraw: A Radical History Poster Project is a collaborative project featuring works by artists and writers committed to promoting art, activism, and alternative history in what is today known as Canada.

Why a radical history poster project? Why now? We live at a time when it is increasingly difficult for people to dream of a better world, let alone act collectively to build one. But that is exactly what we must do. We need to organize. We need to resist. We need to win. Art and an awareness of activist history can help fuel our radical imaginations.

We agree with queer activist and historian Gary Kinsmen when he argues that “to develop our radical imagination, we need to work against the systemic social organization of forgetting, and a necessary antidote to the social organization of forgetting is the resistance of remembering.” For us, radical history is an act of remembering as resistance, be it showcasing hidden histories of the oppressed and marginalized or offering alternative perspectives on well-known historical actors and events.

Our goal is to create a series of accessible radical history posters that can serve as a resource for activists to lean on and learn from as they struggle to bring about radical social transformation.

We hope you will enjoy this effort to use activist art to remember, resist, and redraw the world we live in, with an eye to changing it for the better.

In love and solidarity,
The Graphic History Collective

Sam Bradd
Sean Carleton
Robin Folvik
Kara Sievewright
Julia Smith

The imagery for the Remember | Resist | Redraw logo/introductory poster is based on the crowberry, an indigenous plant found in every province and territory in what is now known as Canada. It is a low evergreen plant that grows mostly in the north, in bogs and on the tundra, and it spreads by underground roots and also by migrating birds - often great storytellers - who disperse the seeds across the land. The berries are edible and nutritious and are a traditional food to many Indigenous peoples. The use of the crowberry for the poster logo is intended to draw attention to the importance of the land for radical—to get to the root—storytelling.

Remember | Resist | Redraw Introduction Poster

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