Suzanne Voilquin: Socialist Feminist

By Linda Kelly Alkana, Lorna Alkana and Alex Alkana

Growing out of Linda Kelly Alkana’s PhD research, this illustrated biography of Suzanne Voilquin provides fascinating glimpses into the life of a woman striving for equality and justice in the 19th century, charting a journey that took her to Egypt, America and around the world.

Suzanne Voilquin’s story of dedication to these goals should inspire all who pursue social justice and equality.

About this team:

Author Linda Kelly Alkana researches the link between protest and popular culture at California State University Long Beach. She is an Intellectual/Cultural Historian and author of, among others, “Teaching World History with Graphic Novels,” which appeared in the World History Bulletin, Winter 2007.

Illustrator Lorna Alkana is a visual essayist, whose works include a Surreal Coloring Book and multiple blogs. Her works have been shown at various venues in Los Angeles. Her continuously evolving art can been found at Follow her on Facebook:, twitter: and Instagram:

Alex Alkana collaborated on this graphic interpretation of Suzanne Voilquin, with Linda Alkana and Lorna Alkana, assisting with the layout and design. His credits include his entry on “Alias” in Salem Press’ Cultural Survey of Graphic Novels.

Suzanne Voilquin - pg 1
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  • Thank you for this – I am a descendant of Suzanne’s sister Adrienne and this is great for showing to my children and grandchildren.

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