The Graphic History Collective is pleased to release GHC member Sean Carleton's comic book, "James Connolly: The Irish Rebel."

Written and illustrated by Sean, the comic book commemorates the life of Irish socialist James Connolly and the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin.

The comic book is available for free exclusively on the GHC website, and you can soon find limited edition printed copies (in the colour of the Irish flag, green front cover, white pages, and orange back cover) at Connolly Books in Dublin, Ireland and Spartacus Books in Vancouver. You can also email Sean ( to order a limited edition copy for $5 plus shipping costs to your location.

One Comment

  • Great idea. I would like to respectfully make a suggestion that might become part of a larger project. There should be more pictures and with shorter portions of text. I feel it should look more like a booklet. For example, some drawing from the 1912 strike/lockout, would be a good start. Nevertheless, this is a great beginning. A graphic collective in Vancouver, where I currently live, produced a graphic novel about May 1, International Labour Day. It has about 20 pages of drawings and text and does an excellent job getting its information across. Keep up the good work.

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