The Little Red Colouring Book - Free Download

The Graphic History Collective is pleased to release our first labour history colouring/activity book, The Little Red Colouring Book, just in time for May Day 2016.

The colouring book is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

We hope that this alternative colouring book, created by donated union labour from members of the Graphic History Collective, will help people de-stress and relax but also inspire folks to use the radical past as a resource to guide our struggles for social transformation today.

The Little Red Colouring Book – Download the PDF

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  • What a creative way to keep this important history in our awareness!
    Thank you.
    I look forward to the print copy.

  • What an interesting ebook….a little boring in the full frontal pictures being the basic format. I for one had never heard of most of these people. I am glad that you care enough for their passion to change the status quo of society. If we forget, the grinding poverty of the masses will return!

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